I feel weird about eating these days or leaving the house, or existing in a material form at all, because having a body that talks too much and sweats and makes mistakes is exhausting.

Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy on being a woman.

Seriously, if you read ONE thing today it should be Meredith’s speech on authenticity and the double standards in music (and life).

This is Juana. She’s a Gecko. My sister pretty much abandoned her when she moved out and she needs a nice, new home. She’s very low maintenance. You have to feed her and give her water and change the paper towels in her tank. Other than that, she pretty much does her own thing. 

I’m bringing her back to Brooklyn with me tonight. If anyone wants to adopt her, please email me: veronicadesouza1@gmail.com


HEY TUMBLR! We’re on the hunt for the best anime and comics out there. There are so many people (*cough cough* our entire office) that want to get into comics and/or anime but have no idea where to start. We figured we’d ask the experts on Tumblr!

We made a very short survey for comics & anime fans to fill out so that we can make a master post of the best comics everyone should read and the top animes everyone should watch. Will you help us? It’s for science!

Here are a bunch more links to the same survey! Click one! Click them all! Fill it out!


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hi please help teach us about comics and anime so we can teach others etc etc