Missed the MTV Skins launch party?

The internet is mad. I get it. A LOT of people tried to get in to that warehouse and didn’t make it. A LOT of people went to Brooklyn and not the actual location on the lower west side. (On a sidenote though, you have the internet at your fingertips and MTV gave you the address. People always ignore zipcodes but the zipcode was key in this case). 

To the people that are bashing the show/MTV for not getting in: stop. There were thousands of people in that line. MTV did a great job. Security was quick and efficient. The bouncers were very nice. The coat check people were surprisingly responsible and fast to keep the line moving. The inside of the warehouse wasn’t overly crowded, it was easy to move from one end to the other. Mostly, the cast and other “MTV VIPs” were able to move safely and freely around the party because everyone inside was calm and just having a good time. I had a great time, met some of the cast and took some great pictures. The actress that plays Michelle squeezed my ass when I took a picture with her…it was weird haha.

Anyway, props to MTV. I had a great time and wished I could have stayed longer.