Hey Veronica, I get that "binders full of women" sounds really serial killer-y, but I'm trying to understand why women are mocking the sentiment beneath that phrase, which was: Only men applied for jobs in Romney's administration in Massachusetts, so he sought out female candidates himself, and then he hired them, making his state's cabinet the most gender-equitable in the country. I'm a feminist Democrat, but isn't Romney's track record on hiring ladies a good thing?

I would say he hired those women to fill a quota. Politicians are all about status (especially if they’re running for president) so a Cabinet full of women looks good for him. 

  1. sylviac said: Also it’s not at all clear that that’s the sentiment beneath the phrase.
  2. amour-joie said: Also, what in our society makes only men apply for these jobs? Why do women need to be recruited? It’s the same vein as why women don’t run for political office. Our society puts us in a position where we feel like we can’t go after these jobs.
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