"Max needs a beer and a cigarette. Who has one or both?"

I saw FIDLAR at Shea Stadium in Bushwick last night. I’m not usually the kind of person that gets blown away by bands but this band blows me away every single time. Just over a year ago, at CMJ 2011, I was at the VICE showcase (because there was free rum) and these four drunk idiots walked on stage and started playing.

"This song is about doing too much cocaine. It’s called weed." 

I can’t say I let my cup of free booze fall to the floor in shock but I was almost at that level. "Who the fuck is that?" They were dirty and gross and so fucking awesome that I’m almost too embarrassed to talk about it. I’m not a big music buff, but I nerd out HARD when it comes to punk rock and the culture that comes (or came) with it. Here’s an embarassing fact about me: I’ve read just about every book about punk music/culture and seen every movie/documentary that comes with it. I know of most (if not every band) and their stories. I got really into all this stuff in high school and I remember being really bummed out because I missed this crazy, dirty movement and I thought I’d never get to experience anything like that. I was wrong.

Tonight, after seeing FIDLAR for the 4th time, I realized that they were it. This was the closest my generation would ever get to a true punk band. Now, I know that there have been endless discussions about “what’s punk” and “who is a poser” and all that stupid bullshit, but I’m telling you that this band is the punkest band you will ever see. You can take my word for it or you can go see them yourselves tonight at Irving Plaza. When you see them, theres a sense of camaraderie (much like a pop punk show) but everyone also knows they have to look out for themselves. There’s no picking you up if you fall. There’s no watching your back while you tie your shoe. When you pile on people and crowd surf to the stage, theres no barrier or security guard to catch you. You’ll get dropped and it’ll be up to you to get yourself back up again. The songs you’re screaming along to don’t have beautiful lyrics or melodies. They are harsh and ugly and if songs had a smell, these songs would smell like garbage. 

My point is that this band is playing again tonight at Irving Plaza and tickets are decently cheap and if you don’t go see them then you can throw out your stupid Black Flag shirt and stop listening to Bad Brains because you are not punk and I’m telling everyone.

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