I’m not crazy.

This is real?

  1. meredithisaleo said: WTF????
  2. adriennes said: Do you see it in all different browsers? Clear all of your cookies/cache/etc.
  3. wafflesninetythree said: I never really noticed that tumblr didn’t have ads!
  4. texnessa said: i am not seeing them. might be a slow roll out to their servers or might be a bot from something like hot spot shield. i do have missing e installed tho.
  5. dembangs said: No ads for me (using Safari).
  6. palmtreepalmtree said: Hunh. I don’t have those yet.
  7. jheath said: Might be spamware on your computer? No ads here.
  8. curtncurly said: wtf!! It’s not on mine, yet!
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    This is real?
  10. valerina said: Did you download something that might have adware?
  11. blairsings said: Wow. I don’t have them yet. LAME
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