LIFE UPDATE: I’ve been hired as a monologue writer for these two hilarious women on their upcoming MTV show, working under legendary longtime Conan writer Brian McCann. I am deeply bummed to be leaving Someecards and its insanely talented group of writers (Brook Lundy, Bob Powers, Jason Mustian, Andrew Kosow, and Johnny McNulty) after two years, but I’m very much looking forward to whatever’s next — which, firstly, includes finding a New York apartment.

So, NYC followers, if any of you are looking for a roommate who’s nice, clean, and has no idea what the fuck he’s doing, I’m your guy.

Hi does anyone need a roommate? Chase smells, pees on the rug and has a definite drinking problem. (BUT ALSO CONGRATS OMG)

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    Congrats! Holy shit! Help this guy find a place to live!
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