I love that everyone is freaking out over Instagram’s new terms of service. Are people really that arrogant to think that anyone is going to want to buy/sell their photos of brunch, their nails, their pets or any other of the useless crap everyone uses instagram for? You know who should worry about this? Celebrities. Why would anyone sell a photo of you holding up a bloody mary when they can get one of Britney Spears doing the same thing? 

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    Maybe my understanding is incorrect, but it isn’t that they are actively pimping out our pictures. There are ads that...
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  4. vajohna said: Amen, sister.
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  6. wagrobanite said: I don’t agree with it… So I uninstalled it and been trying to tell all the celebs I follow who use it. That’s what concerns me is they will take celebs photos and use them. These are people too
  7. longeaux said: IS there anyone who is SURPRISED and didn’t immediately think that would happen when facebook bought them?
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