Monthly metro cards will now go up to $112. The individual fare went up to $2.50.

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    Wah wah
  2. mandarose said: Heyyyy we’ve already had to pay 2.50 for train fare here in Chicago, so meeeeh I don’t feel bad. But I think they’re about to up our monthly card up to that price too…which sucks but I’m a student so I get a UPass yaaay!
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    Remain calm: It’s 8 bucks a month more. Twenty-seven cents a day extra. If you buy 30-day cards it works out to $3.73 a...
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    I feel the same way now as i did when tolls to cross the GW bridge went up to $12.
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  9. dickpicoftheartist said: more reasons 2 just stay in bed.
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