How to catch up on Breaking Bad without watching all 62 episodes

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past month, you know that the series finale of Breaking Bad is on Sunday. If you don’t watch the show, you definitely have some friends who have been telling you to watch it but UGH 5 whole seasons is just a lot.

Now the series finale is around the corner and everyone is talking about it. You’re having some serious FOMO and you’re running out of time to catch up. Luckily for you, the show is mostly made up of breathing sounds, breakfast and ringing phones so it’s super easy to catch up.

Here’s how to catch up on Breaking Bad without having to watch all 5 seasons:

1) If you have the time, you should watch this 2 hour recap of the first 5 and a half seasons and then marathon the other half of season 5. 
Total time = 9 hours

2) If you’re pressed for time, or just lazy, you can watch this 10-minute recap of the first 4 seasons and then this 3-minute recap of the first half of season 5. I couldn’t find a video recap of the second half of season 5 so here’s the wikipedia episode recaps.
Total time = 30ish minutes (depending on how fast you read)

2 ½) If you think reading is lame and you have an afternoon to kill, you can watch the recaps above and then watch the second half of season 5 on (I think this only works if you have a cable login. Borrow one?)
Total time = 7 hours & 13 minutes

3) AMC is airing every episode up until Sunday night but it started yesterday and you’re ALREADY LATE.
Total time = ???

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