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Top 10 TV BreakUps

In homage to the ghosts of our relationships past, this Valentine’s Day let’s discuss the TV breakups that were able to thaw our icy hearts. It might be morbid and masochistic, but so is everyone’s love life at some point. Get your Kleenex and ice cream ready, we’re starting the countdown:

Corey & Topanga

In the eyes of the TGIF Generation, Topanga and Cory were the ultimate soulmates. However, during his senior class ski trip, Corey becomes attracted to another girl and doesn’t know how to react. There are more red flags in his inappropriate relationship with Lauren than there are on an Olympic slalom course. But that’s the thing about young love, these kids are little newborn babies in the dating game. Part of youth is figuring out what you want and learning how to handle the twists and turns without sliding off a cliff. Boy Meets World reminds us that sometimes learning those lessons is painful. That and skiing is the worst. Seriously, take these 2 sticks and propel down a mountain? No thank you.

Did we forget any golden couples?