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Hot Topic will sell the subversive lingerie in separate Blackheart stores starting Nov. 15 in select locations in California and Texas. Soooo… what does Hot Topic’s lingerie look like? The retailer already offers cartoonish-type underwear, but Blackheart is more like Victoria’s Secret Pink went for a smoke under the bleachers. So far we’re seeing skull-print briefs, pink lacy bras and plenty of eyeliner. (According to CNBC, it’s all an attempt to further cash in on teen tastes for darker merch, a la the “Twilight” craze.)

And hey, if you never thought you’d see “Hot Topic” and “seductive underthingies” in the same sentence, well, mall Goths need love, too.

Well, this is happening.





Unless I’m missing something, I feel like the high rate of circulation of this photo is a product of people thinking “This is clearly ridiculous! She’s a white girl with an invader zim hat and a camera, she clearly wasn’t doing anything wrong!” and I think that thought process is kinda fucked up.


Here I thought it was the universe deciding we were all ok with rounding up people with GIR hats and sending them to camps :(

 Or it could be that the NYPD is grossly overusing it’s power against protesters who aren’t exactly doing anything wrong. I know some folks probably broke laws, but alot of those laws are draconian and exist to force us to think twice about being vocal about change.

But then again, that would just be too sentimental for the internet to allow.

If I were a cop I would also have arrested her. Do you see that Invader Zim hat? 

HotTopic is gross.


I really hate Hot Topic. All they have now is emo and scene shit there now. They don’t even have good band shirts anymore! Like the only good ones are probably TDWP, Asking Alexandria, and Attack Attack but that’s pretty much it now.

Every time I walk into that store its just posers buying BVB shit and all those pathetic excuses for bands.

And all their crap is way overpriced it’s like what the fuck dude. I can make everything they have there for $10!

Yeah…Hot Topic is just dead and gross. Maybe I’ll start shopping there again once they get good band tees.

I really don’t buy anything else from there anyways. Haha

I can’t even handle this. Let me reword this post: “I’m really upset that Hot Topic only carries t-shirts of shitty bands I hate instead of the shitty bands I like.”