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I had a very strange time at Googa Mooga today. We got to Prospect park at around 1:30. I had never been to Prospect Park but I instantly fell in love with it. I want to go back every weekend. As for the festival, the staff seemed incredibly unprepared for the amount of people that showed up. This is confusing to me because it’s not like this was a free for all…you needed a ticket. They knew how many tickets they gave out yet they seemed grossly unprepared. We waited 30 minutes to get a wristband for beers, then another 20 for our first round of beers. The beer prices weren’t more expensive than what you would pay at a bar. I got a Blue Moon for $6. I didn’t end up eating because the lines for food were SO LONG. Im talking at least a 45 minute wait. I did, however, get an ice pop because I saw people walking around with them and I had to have one. I waited in line for 15 minutes and ended up getting the ice pop for free because the guy accidentally spilled my beer on the floor (and on my shoes). Anyway, it was delicious and it instantly improved my hangover. 
Anyway, the place was insanely crowded and to top it all off it was impossible to meet up with anyone because there was NO cell phone service. I’m going back for a little bit tomorrow just because I have the ticket and nothing else to do but I have a feeling it will be even more crowded.