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A young, idealistic friend of the family has gotten really into social justice activism thanks to Tumblr. It makes her extremely difficult to talk to, because she’ll rush to comment on how your Facebook posts are “problematic” or whatever (asking what books people are reading demonstrates education privilege, not digging Pacific Rim makes you racist and Eurocentric, that kind of thing). It sucks the air out of the room at best, and at worst really pisses people off—if you argue with her, she’s liable to tell you that your opinion doesn’t count because you’re white, educated, male, straight, “allosexual” (I had to look this one up—it means not asexual), or whatever she thinks applies at the time. She alienates a lot of people who generally agree with her and could add to her experience, and she’s occasionally really embarrassed herself (like lecturing a friend of mine on Facebook about how her critique of Obama demonstrated white privilege, without realizing the friend is black). I’m glad to see her taking an interest and having a cause, but I’m also ten years older than she is and kind of want her to shut the hell up until she gets some perspective. Is there a way to say this so that she’ll actually hear me?